Another mile post for Jamaican motorcar manufacturer.

This past week I was proud to participate in a ceremony marking the first shipment of three motor cars to Turks and Caicos from Jamaica. What made me most proud was the origin of the cars. They were built right here in Jamaica’s west end- Savannalamar, known to locals as Sav or Savlamar.
I spent the entire week watching Excel Motor’s small team work from dawn to dawn pulling double shifts and extra time to get the cars ready on time. It is an experience I won’t easily forget.

While I can’t recall all their names, I must commend them all including Prento, a local engineering technician who has no formal training but is equipped with knowledge, know-how and exceptional ability; Martin a brilliant retired Jamaican, British trained engineer and CEO Patrick Marzouca- who a phone glued to his ears and as busy as a bee walked hundreds of miles from the workshop, to his home office. Ofcourse I can’t forget Cherry who kept me well fed for the entire six days.

At times I felt compelled to ask how things were going- they were never flustered. I wondered whether they had the stamina to make it, but stick-to-it-iviness and lots of coffee saw them through. Below I post some of the photos from the experience and will say more in the coming weeks.


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