Favouring colour above all!

From IPS article published on Sept 27.
Some say bleaching is a throwback to traditional ideas of beauty, and the status given to Jamaicans with lighter complexions. In this nation of 2.7 million people, tradition seemingly dictates that colour determines beauty, privilege and wealth.

“I grew up with the instinct that people who have straight noses and long hair are better,” said Tamara Bailey.

It is not uncommon here for mothers to encourage their children to seek light- skinned partners.

Tamara’s Bailey’s father, for instance, told her to “marry a white man”.

Many men and women are not shy about their preference for ‘brownings’. Actress and women’s rights activist Afolashade pointed to popular entertainment as the driver for the growing trend. Preference for the lighter skinned female, she said seems stronger now than it was 25 years ago.

While entertainers continue to champion the desire for ‘brownings’, women continue to seek the ‘pretty pickney’. Stories have been told of Kingston’s upwardly mobile young men who travel to Jamaica’s south coast to select their wives from among the light-skinned descendants of Irish and German settlers.

“The preference for the browning is a powerful statement about the devaluing of black womanhood and the continued dumbing down of the society so that Jamaica, a country with a large majority of black people, will be unable to move beyond its third world status and mentality,” said sociologist Glenda Simms
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