Managing Fresh Water Resources

There is concern that changes to Jamaica’s rainfall patterns could have significant impacts on the island’s underground and surface water sources.

Scientists have warned that rainfall could be impacted by Climate Change, but so far, there have been no noticeable changes in the island’s rainfall pattern.

Head of the Water Resources Authority (WRA) Basil Fernandez was reassuring even in light of reports of reduced rainfall: “Jamaica is not short of water, but we do have problems with infrastructure, it is old and pipes are leaking,” he said.

Pointing to recent reports that 70 percent of the water abstracted for domestic purposes was “unaccounted for”, the man who controls the use and allocation of the nation’s water resources noted: “Unaccounted for water do not necessarily mean all leaks.”

The river at Castleton Gardens, Jamaica. Rivers are one of th main sources of water on the island.

“We could be dealing with illegal connections, under metering, no metering at all but we have to get a better handling on that,” he added.

Jamaica reportedly uses 25 percent of the available groundwater and 11 percent of the available surface water.

Dunns River, perhaps the best know river on the island because of the famous Dunns River Falls- the most photographed place on the island.


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