Back to Work…

Today I decided that I must get back to my craft, and so I took a stroll on the ‘wild side’ of the world-wide –web.

I wanted to see what has been happening in my region in the year since I took a break. It’s almost overwhelming for a region with not enough resources to protect our many treasures. After all the Caribbean is the fifth most endemic region in the world. I had hoped, however that our former colonial masters like Britain and France and the countries we look to like the United States, could have done a better job of protecting the world’s treasures. Lets face it, the islands of the world have become the playgrounds of the rich, the not so rich and the vacationers.

Turtle release TCI

Officers from the Turks and Caicos Environment and Marine Affairs Department releasing a tagged turtle.

The recent report on the dismal performance of the United Kingdom in protecting the treasures of its overseas territories is eye-opening. But I also wondered what more can we as residents, citizens and keepers do to protect our livelihoods, our homes and our futures?

I share the photos from the UK Guardian, as I prepare to explore. Highlighting the issues is just my small contribution to the bigger picture.

The Guardian Environment Gallery


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